Pathe Star, Reported Killed in Battle, Phones That He Is Alive




    For a week the world thought that Max Linder, the famous Pathe star, had been lost to the screen forever, several cables from Paris telling of his being killed in battle at the front. But on Sunday the most famous comedian on the screen rose up in his wrath and denied that he was dead. The cable from Paris tells it this way: "Max Linder telephoned from the military hospital at the front today saying that he was not even ill, but only convalescent, and soon will return to the service."

    Though only twenty nine years old, Max Linder's contract with Pathe is said to bring him $70,000 a year. In addition to this his prominence on the European stage is thought to bring his income up to $100,000 a year. Through Pathe's willingness to give publicity, Linder was among the first of the screen stars to have his identity known to photo play followers. His popularity in France and the United States is said to be equalled in Germany and Russia.

    Practically all of the French Pathe actors are on the firing line. Escoffier was mentioned in the first dispatches as having received the military medal from General Joffre for gallantry in action. (The New York Dramatic Mirror, Oct. 7th 1914)