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L'obsession de la belle-mère

Weitere Titel: Ach diese Schwiegermütter (D, Ö)/ Tormented by his mother-in-law (UK, USA) - Länge: 105m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder {Mr Bienmariés} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2135/Mai 08 - Auff.: 21. März 1908 (Saint-Quentin/ Omnia Cinématographe Pathé) — Weitere Auff.: 30.5.08 (Mülheim/ Mülheimer Viktoria-Theater); 15.8.08 (Wien/Floridsdorfer Biograph-Theater)


A Pathé comic is Tormented by His Mother-in-Law. The too much married hero of this subject is so filled with fear of his wife's mother that he imagines he sees her in every person he meets. Possessed with this delusion he squirts soda over a waiter at his restaurant and afterwards thinks a pretty girl he passes and the cabwoman who drives him home are the much feared lady. Arriving home, he in a fury attacks a picture of the old lady with a knife and rips it to pieces, but his courage evaporates when he turns and sees the real article standing by his side. (Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, May 7, 1908)


M. et Mme Bienmariés seraient les plus heureux époux en ce monde s’il n’y avait le secret de famille: la belle-mère! Ce dragon déguisé en femme apparaît toujours au mauvais moment, dit toujours des choses fausses et pour cela même est détestée par le jeune époux. Un midi où le couple est en train de déjeuner paisiblement arrive Madame mère. Le mari jette un regard furieux à son ennemie et l’intruse ayant fait une remarque concernant la qualité du repas, le mari furieux saisit la soupière et donne à son hôtesse une bonne douche. Et, toujours furieux, le jeune homme sort et passant devant un café pense calmer ses nerfs avec un soda. Il commande donc et il est en train de verser son soda lorsque le shaker prend la forme de son abhorrée belle-mère. Dans sa rage, il agite si désespérément le shaker que l’eau saute de la bouteille et arrose nombre de consommateurs. Il est alors invité à s’en aller. Il arrive devant un véhicule en mouvement contre lequel est un miroir. Il se regarde dans celui-ci et… aperçoit encore la figure exécrée. Il brise le miroir en mille morceaux. Un peu plus loin, il aperçoit une jolie femme assise sur un banc. Il s’assoit à côté pour lui faire la cour lorsque… horreur, c’est la figure de sa belle mère qui le regarde d’un air sévère. Le pauvre homme a moitié fou se rue vers sa maison et là saisissant le portrait de cette femme exécrée l’insulte, le frappe et le découpe en morceaux. Puis épuisé, il se couche et il est bientôt dans un lieu où la belle-mère n’a pas le pouvoir d’entrer. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)




Anmerkung: "Obsessão da Sogra (acto representado pelo popular e extraordinario comico Max Linder) extraordinara idéa comica de constante riso." (Jornal do Brasil, 6.6.1908) [Note: "Obsession with mother-in-law (act represented by popular and extraordinary comic Max Linder) extraordinary comical idea of constant laughter." (Jornal do Brasil, Jun. 6, 1908)]

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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


Mr. Excited is constantly haunted by the idea of his mother-in-law. She appears to him in the shape of a waiter at the coffee house, or he thinks she takes the place of a young and pretty girl he meets in the street; so much so, that, on coming home, he goes for the picture of the poor old lady, which he lacerates with his knife. At this very moment the original appears at his side, and this gives him a fit. (Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, May 7, 1908)


Mr. and Mrs. Wellmarried would be the happiest couple on earth were it not for the terrible skeleton in the husband’s cupboard, his mother-in-law.... That dragon in woman’s clothes always appears at the wrong moment, always says the wrong things and is therefore thoroughly hated by the young spouse. In this film we see the happy couple having lunch in perfect harmony when in comes wifey’s mother.... The husband glares at his enemy and, the intruder having made a remark concerning the quality of the food, the infuriated husband seizes the soup tureen and gives the guest a good ducking. Still furious the young man goes out and, passing a cafe, thinks he will quiet his nerves with a soda. He orders the beverage but, as he is about to mix his drink, the bottle takes the shape of his abhorred mother-in-law. Desperate he grabs for his enemy and shakes her violently. Water comes rushing out of the bottle, and customers having been doused by the apparent lunatic, he is compelled to leave. Arriving before a moving van our friend looks into a mirror leaning against the vehicle, and again he beholds the fiendish face of his wife’s parent. Kicking viciously at it the glass is smashed to atoms. From there he goes on to where a pretty girl is sitting on a bench and, seeing an opportunity to forget his woes in a little flirtation, he bends over to talk to the girl — but horrors! again mother-in-law is glaring at him. The poor man, half crazy, rushes to his home once more and, seeing the picture of the accursed woman hanging on the wall, takes an old regiment sword from its scabbard, slashes viciously at the innocent portrait and has soon cut the fat grinning face to pieces. Exhausted he lies down and is soon in the land where mothers-in-law are not permitted to enter. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Jun. 6, 1908)