Translation of: Max Linder, Para todos, 7. Oct. 1922

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   The French comedian is currently in Paris. In an interview with a French magazine, he complained bitterly of the American people, that not only not supports the French film, as same disdains their productions, by Max Linder.

   "In the thirty-six months spent in the United States, he says, in spite of the friendship of prominent artists such as Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin, I could only produce three films: "Seven years of whammy", "Be my wife," and a parody of the "Three musketeers" by Douglas. Of these three productions I can only sell one in the United States, "Seven years of whammy", which was launched with so much ill will to the market, that it resulted in failure. I had to bring the other two to France, where one has already been sold. The other will be exploited by the "United Artists".

   On the state of cinema, says Max Linder:

   "We would be certainly far superior to the Americans if we possessed the same technical means as they, but judging from what I saw before I left for America - and there seems to have been in my absence, major changes - we are much inferior in three things: studios, illumination and artists.

   Let me specify. In America there are studios three hundred meters long and seventy or eighty wide. In America, the studios are completely closed, without windows, as are used here, to let the outer light get in. When you want to shoot, natural light will be out; for indoor scenes, is spent a huge amount of electricity.

   And too, it is necessary to say, in France we do not have movie stars: we have excellent artists from the theater that occasionally pose for cinema; already you see it's not the same thing.

   In the theater the gestures, the attitudes have to be exaggerated; restrained in cinema. The theatre and the cinema are two different things.

   In the United States, there exists a real film artist career, with numerous stars of both sexes and even more numerous artists on the second level. The author or the director of scene, you can always find the right artist to interpret this or that paper.

   As for the processes of technical realization, asserting the superiority of Americans over us, that part is repeating well known thing.

   I can cite the purpose in rebuilding the feudal castle, made for the film of Douglas "Robin Hood". In this gigantic castle, certain quarters have 250 meters long. A chimney attains a height of two floors ... and these decorations were prompt in twenty-five to thirty days.

   Among us, how long would it take to achieve this?"

   Passing on to speak of the arguments, criticized the US extolling the French, making the following observation: "The American film defects are sizeable, the number of ridiculous or childish arguments grew in such a way that the public is beginning to get bored of cinema. It is a shocking thing to note the emptiness that is in theaters. I think that in 1922 the public who attends the film decreased, compared to 1921, at a rate of at least 33%.

   The American distributors will be required to make an appeal for good foreign productions to vary their program and only edit films of the first order." (Para todos, Oct. 7, 1922)