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Les pérégrinations d’une puce

Weitere Titel: Die Wanderung des Flohs (D)/ Wanderungen eines Floh's (Ö)/ The travels of a flea (USA) - Länge: 130m(/6min.) - Interpret: Max Linder - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2083/Apr.08 - Auff.: 29. Februar 1908 (Cherbourg/ Salle des Enfants de Cherbourg)


In a glass case a woman is exhibiting a few trained fleas for a livelihood, and the spectators get the benefit of the whole performance for two cents. After the fleas have performed their stunts the public depart, when all at once the last spectator starts to scratch himself frantically. He rushes out and stops to tell a policeman what his trouble is. He has scarcely finished his tule when the officer also gets the itch. At the same moment the flea trainer comes running out of her menagerie, screaming that one of her artists has been stolen. Seeing the policeman going his way, scratching, she pursues him. He, however, stops to talk to a nurse, the flea jumps on her; she goes her way, and stopping to have a drink, the troublesome animal jumps on the waiter. From waiter to officer, from officer to a row of soldiers, from soldiers to a college boy, does the flea jump and bite, until the trainer, who has followed all the peregrinations of her beloved pet, and has vainly endeavored to catch up with the last but always changing, flea-troubled citizen, catches hold of the young student, and after having secured her beloved scholar, goes home, taking the youth along with her. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Apr. 11, 1908)


Dans une vitrine, une femme est en train de montrer pour quelques centimes des puces dressées. Lorsque les puces ont fini leurs tours, les spectateurs quittent le chapiteau. Mais le dernier, tout à coup, se met à se gratter furieusement. Il sort et avise un agent de police à qui il conte son affaire. Il a à peine fini que l’agent lui aussi se met à se gratter. À ce moment, le dresseur sort de la ménagerie criant qu’une de ses artistes a disparue. Voyant l’agent qui s’éloigne en se grattant, elle le suit. L’agent s’arrête pour parler à une nurse et la puce saute sur celle-ci et comme elle s’arrête pour boire un verre, la puce passe sur le serveur et du serveur sur un officier, de celui-ci sur une rangée de soldats; de ceux-ci à un jeune collégien jusqu’à ce que notre dresseuse qui a suivi tout le parcours espérant chaque fois attraper son animal favori réussisse à la capturer sur le jeune étudiant. Puis après avoir mis son élève bien aimée en lieu sûr, elle retourne à la ménagerie emmenant le jeune garçon avec elle. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)


O Paiz, 29.11.09

Ad. for 'Cinema-Pathe', Rio de Janeiro (O Paiz, Nov. 29, 1909)



Ankündigung/ billed/ annoncé: "Peregrinação de uma pulga" COMICA POR MAX LINDER (Jornal do Brasil, 29.11.1909)



























Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


Pathe-Freres have turned out "Travels of a Flea" for comedy, and it is comedy — just once. Thereafter and through all following scenes, including a chase, it becomes a repetition. A trainer of a flea circus loses one of his insects. The passage of that flea from person to person, with the subsequent twisting and squirming of the new possessor each time, is the comedy, all joining in the chase which the trainer leads to discover his star performer, which he eventually does. The fun in the idea is totally exhausted when the gyrations of the first person ceased. This appeared to have been appreciated by the announcer at the Manhattan, who injected some funmaking of his own by dubbing the various people in the pictures with the names of prominent professionals, commencing with Victor Moore, and concluding with Fay Templeton. The announcer's comments were greatly enjoyed by the house staff especially, but "Travels of a Flea" has not a long road ahead. Sime [Silverman]. (Variety, March 14, 1908)