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Le premier cigare d'un collégien

Weitere Titel: Die erste Zigarre des Primaners (D, Ö)/ His first cigar (USA) - Regie: (Louis Gasnier) - Länge: 130m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder {der Primaner} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 1941/März 08 - Auff.: 11. Januar 1908 (Cherbourg/ Salle des Enfants de Cherbourg) Weitere Auff.: 30.3.08 (Budapest/ Franz Fisch’s Elektro Bioscop); 25.4.08 (Lübeck/ Metropol-Theater)


Zeigt die unangenehmen Folgen der ersten Zigarre an armen Primaner. (Zensurkarte, 8.12.1908)


A well-grown boy sees a box of his father's cigars, and pockets one. He goes down stairs, and no sooner is he out of the building when he joyously sticks the cheroot into his mouth. Feeling like a man, he goes to a nearby café, orders a drink, and then lights the weed. A close range view of his face is now given. He is flirting with a girl sitting near him. In a little while the cigar begins to act, and between the smiles towards the damsel there is interspersed a sickly expression. The sick feeling gains, but the young man keeps on smoking until he feels very ill; still unwilling to admit defeat. He loosens his collar and coat in an endeavor to be comfortable, but the waiter finally sees him and starts him home. Very ill and groggy, he finds the keyhole after much groping, and enters the wrong room. Here an indignant lodger seizes him and fires him down stairs. This seems to revive him somewhat, and the poor, sick boy makes his way to his own home where his fond mother is seen administering to the would-be man. (Pathé films [Supplement 1], 1908)



Jornal do Brasil, 20.8.09

"... the important and extraordinary creation of the leading comedian, Mr. MAX LINDER:

...The First Cigar of the Student - (New Edition). ..." (Jornal do Brasil, Aug. 20, 1909)



Anmerkung: Henri Bousquet äußerte seine Zweifel, dass "Ce titre que tous les filmographes de Max Linder placent en 1906, tout de suite après 'La première sortie' et que l’on retrouve seulement dans le registre de ce mois de mars 1908 pourrait n’être pas la bande avec le célèbre acteur." (Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914). Zweifel, die sich als unbegründet erwiesen! "Neue Version" weist darauf hin, dass es zwei frühere Fassungen von Pathé Frères mit dem gleichen Titel gab, in 1902 mit Albens (Katalog-Nr.: 623) und 1904 mit Felix Galipaux (Katalog-Nr.: 844). - [Notes: Henri Bousquet was concerned that "This title, that all the filmographs of Max Linder place in 1906, right after 'La première sortie' and that is found only in the register of the month of March 1908, might not be the film with the famous actor." (Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914). A concern, that turned out to be unfounded! "New Edition" refers to the fact, that there were two earlier versions, made by Pathé Frères with the same title, in 1902 with Mr. Albens (Catalog-No.: 623) and in 1904 with Felix Galipaux (Catalog-No.: 844).]

Eine Kopie des Films wird verwahrt in: Library of Congress (Washington), Em Gee Film Library (Los Angeles), Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin), Lobster Films (Paris) Der Film wurde veröffentlicht auf DVD "The Comedy of Max Linder" (His First Cigar, 1907, 5:07)