Translation of: Toros, La Publicidad, 29. Sep. 1912

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Toros drawing

In the Arenas

Four bulls of Don Felipe

de Pablo Romero. ̶  unique

Matador; Max Linder! and

three apprentices      

         Max Linder

   The familiar instructive reunion of the Hostafranchs arranged for yesterday afternoon a bull fight, on behalf of the poor of the neighborhood, and the popular actor Max Linder, took part in the show. As expected, the place was filled.

   In the stands, on the steps, front and boxes, a lot of ladies.

   Occupying a seat in the box of the presidency are Mlle. Napierkowska, the remarkable dancer, Angelita Villar, the beautiful soprano, and the sisters Mari-Marina.

   The public widely cheered the distinguished artists, who converted the presidency into a 'girón de cielo' ...

   The appearance of Max Linder, heading the team, was received with a standing ovation.

   Max looked nice, wearing green and gold.

   During the fight of the first calf, which happened at the corral, against the will of its matador, Linder exchanged various smiles, drained fourteen reeds of chamomile and allowed to be portrayed two hundred times.

   When the second was released, colored, hopeful, big, fine, fat, horns wide apart, with defenses of ... rubber, many kilos and five years of plenty, the ladies were horrified, apparently kept their divine eyes away from the arena, but Max Linder, wanting to outshine the glories of Chicorro, gave two large cleansing jumps with the pole.

   The bull, brave, tough and able, didn't move closer to the horses, because there was no one but Max, consenting, the arms and feet playing very well together, scored four veronicas, three max ... imilianas, six from the front, hearing an enthusiastic ovation from behind.

   Lucerito gave ... several tips to Max, so not to "betray", but Linder took the banderillas and placed three monumental pairs. Delirium!

   Then the audience, provided by the presidency, requested clemency and he began giving six pases naturales, two molinetes, two above the head, Gallo-style, and when he squared his bicho he indicated a prick and then set one by needles, which the brave animal doubled.

   The ovation was delirious. The ring was filled with hats, umbrellas, cigars, ladies petticoats, fans and gossips. Several enthusiasts embraced Max, he was offered a drink and he squeezed her bosom.

   Linder went around the arena, and at the end of the third round, gave another monumental leap to the pole.

   Another ovation sounded and the enthusiasts, fearing that the nice artist fails, made him withdraw ...

   Linder, from the presidency, greeted the audience warmly and they corresponded gallantly to the sympathetic actor.

   The rest of the show did not offer much interest.

   The last calf, which was 'advanced', caused panic among the staff, and the fighters, Pascual Well, Ribera and Frontana helped.

   The last matador, Ramiro Lopez, showed some mannerisms and was very brave.

   It proved a most agreeable party, to which many came pleased to the Arena, to applaud the popular Max Linder. Doires. (La Publicidad, 29.9.1912)




Max Linder before the bullfight

Max Linder (X), the famous artist of the cinema, walks to the beneficial becerrada

held in Barcelona, on which he killed a calf (Source: Mundo Gráfico, 9.10.1912)