Translation of: [Sekretar' Maksa Lindera ...] (Ranneye Utro, Dec. 18, 1913)

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   Secretary of Max Linder in the morning is busy parsing the correspondence of his patron.

   This work is not easy. To popular Max is written in many different languages.

   Of urban letters alone, yesterday he received more than 30.

   Most of them, of course, from the ladies.

   At times stuffy and on paper in all colors of the rainbow.

   Boilerplate text messages.

   Such "biledu" gets the fancy tenor, aviators and other topical celebrity.

   Another category of letters - business. Cinematograph offers up to organizations of stock companies including film.

   Yesterday I received the original letter, in which the author asks Max, to give some of his many jackets.

   This is the original request, he explains.

   A fan of Max, being a man of little wealth, allocated 7 rubles for the purchase of a new vest for Christmas and spent it on his ticket to see his favorite.

   - Now I'm left on the holiday without a vest - wrote the original. His request was honored. (Ranneye Utro, Dec. 18, 1913 [russ. Cal., Dec. 5, 1913])