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Le rendez-vous

Weitere Titel: Die verlorene Adresse (D, Ö)/ Max Linder's Appointment (UK) - Regie: (Max Linder) - Szenario: Max Linder - Länge: 310m - s/w - Interpreten: Max Linder {Max}; Jeanne Bérangère {Mlle Bérangère} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 5655/Jan.13 - UA: 26. Dezember 1912 (Kopenhagen/ Kosmorama) — Weitere Auff.: 3.1.13 (Wien/ Graben-Kino); 11.1.13 (Berlin/ Passage Theater); 7.3.13 (Paris/ Omnia Pathé)


Max becomes enamoured of a girl whom he meets in the park, and, making an appointment with her, scribbles her address on one of his cuffs. The next morning his man-servant, failing to arouse him when the laundry maid arrives, collects the linen and sends it to the laundry, including the shirt with the fair one's address. When Max awakes he dwells with pleasurable anticipation upon his forthcoming meeting until he bethinks himself of the address. His shirt is not to be seen, and Max strews the floor with the contents of his wardrobe. He learns the fate of the address, and, clad in his night attire, rushes into the street. The laundry van is at the door, and Max goes hurriedly through all the bags of linen, until the roadway is strewn with garments of every description. Unable to find his property, he departs, with the laundryman in pursuit. He next visits a laundry, where his exploits among the clean garments arouse the forewoman's indignation. The pursuing laundryman's entry, and his subsequent retaliation, causes Max to beat a retreat. He reaches the river, where a girl is washing some linen, and he upsets her into the water. With apologies he fishes her out, and makes another appointment, scribbling the address on his hat lining. Her name is Marie, and she is no other than the first one's maid! Max calls upon her, when the sudden return of her mistress causes her to hide him in the piano. The mistress seats herself at the piano, but soon finds that something is wrong, and on opening it discovers Max. Having almost given up hope of seeing him, she is delighted, when Marie enters and claims him as hers. Both ladies go off into hysterics, whilst Max hurriedly retreats in dismay. (The Bioscope, Jan. 16, 1913)


Max, rencontrant une jolie femme, laisse subrepticement tomber son mouchoir, fait semblant de croire qu’il appartient à la promeneuse et se précipite pour le ramasser et le lui remettre. Dénégations de la jeune femme, à laquelle Max confesse effrontément son stratagème… et son amour. Mlle Bérangère, c’est le nom de la jeune beauté, n’est pas insensible à cette déclaration. Ils se séparent en prenant rendez-vous et Max prend sur sa manchette, l’adresse de sa dulcinée. Il s’endort tout joyeux, dans l’attente du lendemain. Au matin, arrive la blanchisseuse. Max dort toujours en faisant de beaux rêves. Le domestique donne le linge et, en même temps, la précieuse chemise portant l’adresse de Mlle Bérangère. Max s’éveille. Sa première pensée vole vers Mlle Bérangère, à qui il envoie des baisers à travers l’espace, lorsqu’il s’aperçoit que son linge a disparu. Il vide son armoire rageusement, sonne son domestique et apprend la catastrophe! Fureur de Max, qui court après sa chemise, bouleverse tout chez la blanchisseuse et mène un train de tous les diables, sans arriver à retrouver l’adresse de sa bien-aimée. Pendant ce temps, Mlle Bérangère a envoyé sa bonne au lavoir, dans l’espoir de rester seule avec le jeune homme. Max, comme un fou, arrive au lavoir, bouscule une blanchisseuse, puis la trouvant gentille, oublie Mlle Bérangère, obtient un rendez-vous, inscrit cette fois l’adresse sur la manche de son pyjama. C’est justement la bonne de Mlle Bérangère! Si bien que Max, en se rendant à son dernier rendez-vous, retrouve sa première conquête. En se voyant trahies, les deux femmes ont une crise de nerfs et Max en profite pour filer, prudemment, à l’anglaise. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)




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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


Max makes an appointment with a pretty girl and scribbles her address on one of his cuffs. Next morning he finds that his manservant has sent the shirt to the laundry. Max rushes round to the laundry and creates a terrible scene, going through all the shirts in the place looking for the address. He hurries away and sees a damsel washing linen in the river. In his eagerness to examine the clothes he upsets her into the water. He fishes her out and finding she is pretty makes an appointment. The damsel is the first lady's maid. Max turns up at the appointed hour. Both girls claim him and promptly go into hysterics. Max hurriedly retreats. (Kinematograph Monthly Film Record, January 1913)