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Screen Snapshots №1

L舅ge: 1 reel - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder, Lina Cavalieri, Lucien Muratore, May Allison, Doris May, Wallace MacDonald, Jesse Lasky, Cecil B. DeMille, Dorothy Dalton, Fatty Arbuckle, Bebe Daniels, Mary Pickford - Produktion: Federated Film Exchange - Auff.: 24. September 1921 (American Fork, Utah/ Clark's Opera House)


This reel not only shows close-ups of popular stars, but also has a lot of fun. It starts off with a few stunts from Max Linder, who is shown entertaining Lina Cavalieri, prima donna, and her husband Lucien Muratore. Max hops out before the camera and brings his wild beast along. He has a lot of fun with the elephants and gets a good laugh when he tries to bite a lion. May Allison is next to appear and she is shown in the act of autographing many photographs. She autographs what is said to be the largest photograph in the world it stand about eight feet high. Doris May and Wallace MacDonald are caught leaving the church, where they were married at dawn. Jesse Lasky is shown visiting his West Coast studio, where the camera also catches Cecil B. DeMille, Dorothy Dalton and Fatty Arbuckle. Bebe Daniels is shown having a splendid time serving her ten days in jail for speeding. She makes a popular jail-bird and even shares her fruit with the judge who sentenced her. Her cell is decorated with flowers and the cameramen cheer her from without. Finally this amusing magazine closes with a view of Mary Pickford posing for a painting. Fans will find this number of 鉄creen Snapshots above the average of the series. (Film Daily, Jun. 5, 1921)




Washington Herald, Jun. 5, 1921

Max Linder, the French comedy star proves to Madame Lina Cavaleri and  her  husband

Lucien Muratore, grand opera stars, that man did come from monkey because Joe Martin

gives his high C. which sounds like a gutteral G.  Linder entertained the songbirds at his

studio in Universal  City  when  the Chicago Grand Opera Company was playing in Los

 Los  Angeles. [Source: Washington Herald, Jun. 5, 1921]                                                            




























Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


"Federated Screen Snapshots," a glimpse of the popular film characters. In this reel are shown informal shots of Mary Pickford, "Fatty" Arbuckle, Dorothy Dalton, Max Linder, Cecil DeMille, Bebe Daniels, and many others well known to screen devotees. The informality of this series makes it a pleasant change from the usual type of one-reeler. (Moving Picture Age, Sep. 1921)