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Screen Snapshots №5

Weitere Titel: Les coulisses du Cinιma (F) - Lδnge: 336m (Archivlδnge) - s/w - Interpret: Lilian Gish, Fay Tincher, "Fatty" Arbuckle, Charles Murray, Sessue Hayakawa, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Maurice Tourneur, Max Linder, Hope Hampton - Produktion: Screen Snapshots Inc. - Auff.: 4. Januar 1921 (Lockport, N.Y./ Hi-Art Theatre) — Weitere Auff.: 25.3.21 (Paris/ Cinιma Lutetia-Wagram)


Eventually, Jack Cohn may run out of material for his Screen Snapshots, but just at present he continues to go along at a high rate of speed, this issue maintaining the standard set in the other releases of the series. Beyond doubt, the offering will hold the attention of live picture fans, for it is made up of the sort of material they like, is titled in a manner that maintains the proper light atmosphere and brings to the fore the personalities of film people of prominence. Lillian Gish at play with a dog appears in the opening bit of footage, after which the manner in which a scene on a ship is staged is shown. The latter portion has been reproduced nicely, the scene being shown first as it will appear in the production under way, after which the spectator is carried further back so that he may perceive the deception. Mary Pickford occupies the center of the screen just long enough to be seen accepting one of her numerous presents, a little bale of cotton, and is followed by a scene at the Christie studios. Maurice Tourneur and Hope Hampton are seen for a while later on and to close it, Max Linder, the French comedian, engages in some fisticuffs with the director. Reels of this sort, which incidentally are similar to a series released not long ago by another concern, while not necessarily big drawing card, are just the things to help build up a steady neighborhood patronage. (Film Daily, Aug. 22, 1920)


To the many fascinating "interest" films is to be added a series called "Screen Snapshots," which are to be released in fortnightly instalments, starting early in the new year. These "Snapshots" include such varied subjects as Lillian Gish making-up; "Fatty" Arbuckle and Charles Murray in an impromptu comedy, into which Sessue Hayakawa is drawn; Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks on a holiday boating expedition; and Max Linder at work on one of his French comedies. (Daily News [Perth], Jan. 21, 1921)

Stock poster 'Schreen Snapshots

"Stock" poster, with the inner section copied from Magazine ad.




• Eine Kopie des Films wird verwahrt in: Lobster Films (Paris) • Ein Ausschnitt des Films wurde verφffentlicht auf DVD "Laugh with Max Linder" (Les coulisses du cinιma, 2:40)