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Photo of Max Linder, colored

"Max Linder was the Motion Picture's first truly international Star." (Jack Spears, 1965). Ten years after the "invention" of cinema, his career began in 1905 with the French production company Pathé Frères. He made about up to 250 films during the following 20 years.

This website, subdivided into five sections, presents in detail every film that has been identified, every sketch or theatre play on individual "title-sheets". They are accessible via the [films]-, [chronicle]-, or [titles]-page. While these "sheets" are predominantly in German, there is however for almost every film a review in English as well. Film descriptions in French were taken from the "Catalogue Pathé" by Henri Bousquet.

The [chronicle]-page, also available in German and French, tries to sort all the information on his life, which have emerged so far.

Several [articles], a lot of which are in English, illustrate how he was viewed by his contemporaries.

In contrast to the [films]- or [chronicle]-page, which offer chronological access, the [titles]-page gives you an alphabetical one. Here you can search for original-, foreign- or alternative titles. On the [names]-page is a list of his co-players available.

Finally, the existence of the film prints has been researched. Apart from the entry on every individual "title sheet", the [prints]-page provides a summary of the archive holdings.














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