Translation of: Max-Linder, De tots colors, 27. Sept. 1912

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Max Línder




   This is the name of the artist who has drawn public attention in these last days.

   On the 20th was his debut, together with an editorial comrade, entered the stage of the Novetats to greet and confer with Max.

   This was given us very attentively,  giving us thanks for our visit and after finishing characterizes himself, which he began by telling us some facts of his career.

   Since very small he began to feel a great affection or, better said, a great passion for the comic theatre, which was viewed with much sentiment by his parents.

   In 1896 he fled his home, leaving his parents in Saint-Loubé (Gironde), his hometown for entering a dramatic company and shortly thereafter debuted in a French city whose name not recall getting a regular success.

   Gradually going to study until the last who devoted himself to his art, ie to comedy, and at his first performance received a success.

   Then in 1905 enters the house Pathé Frères, where is currently devoting himself a little to the drama, as we all remember having seen him the first time being hired for the film.

   Amongst this a tragedy, a terrible fall impossible to watch, due to this action during a long time, he resumed his job several months later, dedicated himself to his real art of comedy.

   He is one of the most fervent Sportmen, he has also written literary works and plays, being the winner of big prizes, both in sport and in literature regarding competition has been presented to him.

   His best creations within the genre are in Miquette et sa mère, Le Roi and La grande famille.

   He told us he had a great desire to greet the Barcelona public, where he knows, that's where he has won many sympathies in the art of filmmaking.

   Lovingly giving us together with Ms. Stasia Napierkowska, the picture we are pleased to publish.



Max Linder


  R. B. LL. (De tots colors, Sep. 27, 1912)