Translation [in progress] of: La popularidad de Max Linder, Unión ilustrada, 14. Dez. 1924

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   For Max Linder one wishes here in Paris, he is admired from many distant years, in what no one disputes is in the possession of the throne of the cinema. He's almost a national treasure, and when in the woods or along the boulevards sees Millerands a Herriot, they don't gather more looks, than Max Linder collects.

   Max Linder is always the same. It seems that the years do not go for it, do not stop, fearful of a joke or ironic phrase, without touching very personal comedian. Just like it is now when we did screwdriver handlebar with laughter, at the dawn of cinema, with those funny Pathé comedies, which should be preserved as a reminder of an era. They fancy pants, the same trendy chaquet identical patent leather shoes, like felt or bowler or top hat, depending on the circumstances.

   Las "midinettes» young all of the new generation will want to horn the last generation is because Max has possessed the secret of renewal, of being always interesting, never present itself "demodée».

   Max, however. French, very French, and especially Parisian, very Parisian, not to leave France. We do not know what grievance has great comic of Americans, but the fact is that not decided to cross the big pond, although it rained on manufacturing advantageous proportions across the Atlantic.

   Recently, the major American entity Film Universal offered him a position in their casts with honours. And Max Linder declined, claiming that the land offered was small and did not like Yankees procedures on how to make movies. And stayed in France, determined not to leave their land.

   Meanwhile, his creations are applauding, here. They are mostly movies is old because scratches, yet they look forward to being the protagonist Max. It is an effect of the popularity that enjoys in Paris extraordinary mime.

   When presented at the Parisian theatres the film "Domador for love", which the artist made in Vienna, exhibited the premises that had a field day exploiting the popularity of Max and highlighting the fact that it was his masterpiece. Indeed, we believe that "Tamer for love" is his most accomplished. We like extremely "Petit Café" but in "Tamer for love" Max shows more artistic, more sure of his role.

   Under these conditions, was strange that influenced by any French publishing house decided to make several movies with Max Linder in the first role. What causes prevented it? Without being liars, we are not mistaken in thinking that the impediment was in the exaggerated claims of the artist.

   Now in Paris film circles strongly rumoured for certain purposes to Max Linder in France with French directors and artists, a great movie with extraordinary category. It is known that Max has chosen argument and has done check for fifty technicians to get it repaired, or correct it at will. It is known that, in a few days, French actor give a banquet to be attended these technical fifty, no doubt to agree on questions of detail. The only thing that is ignored is the house that make the film and if it capital employed are French or foreign.

   In this respect, a dense cloud hides the great mime plans. Hopefully. These occultations are usually not, usually, more than propaganda resources to intrigue the public. And Max has not despised never propaganda. He has used both, at least, as his friends from across the Atlantic. M. Donadien. (Unión Ilustrada, Dec. 14, 1924)