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Since the last update the following changes and additions have been made:


25 August 2017

• Another indication, that Max dans les airs was indeed a re-release film, has turned up.

• An article Max Linders Werdegang [=Max Linder's career], published in a Viennese newspaper on occasion of the filming of "Max, der Zirkuskönig", has come to light. Again, Max recounts his beginnings in a mostly "fictional" way.

• Since newspaper ads. play an important part in many of his films, a real-life ad., in which Linder is looking for a new apartment, was added to the Chronicle pages.

• Some earlier release dates of 1909/11-films, such as Amoureux de la femme à barbe, La vengeance du bottier and La flûte merveilleuse, were found.

• A 1903 military record has been uncovered, which contains his "nom de guerre" Max Linder for the first time.

• Memoirs of Suzanne Pathé emerged, which suggest that, before working for Pathé Frères, Max made his first film(s) for the company of her father, Théophile Pathé.


10 June 2017

• UK release titles added to Les tribulations d'un neveu and Fritt et Plock détectives, and UK/US release titles to Chaussure trop étroite and Première sortie.

• Release dates added to Première sortie and Rencontre imprévue.

• Yet another title, La famille Panouillard à Luna park added to the list of films, in which Linder may have taken part in.

• 'Title-sheets' for the still unidentified "Modern Cinderella Comedy", of which a print is held by the 'bfi' and "Max Linder Der galante Radfahrer", at 'Deutsche Kinemathek', have been added.

• Additions/changes made to the biographical details of Gréhan and Fabris.

• Full text of a 1921 article, and a picture of Max "toréador" to the "tour Articles" page, have been added.


20 April 2017

• Earlier release dates of Les débuts d'un yachtman and Mariages imprévus and

• further confirmations that Linder did appear in Création de la serpentine (1908) and Madame a ses vapeurs (1907) were found.

• The UK/US release title of Madame a ses vapeurs has been identified.

• Another title Aventure orageuse has been added to the list of films, in which Linder may have taken part in.

• Full text of some 1917-articles, as well as two further translations of his 1914 interview with "The World" Magazine in Swedish (unintentionally illustrated by "BIO" with a picture of Max-"Imitator" André Séchan) and Finnish were added.


26 February 2017

• Thanks to two articles in French ("Lausanne artistique") from 1918,

• the formerly unknown sketch Le baromètre de la fidélité (1918) and

• a more detailed description of "The bill" (L'addition) are added.

• Also added are reviews in English for Lèvres collées and L'empoissoneuse and

• reviews in German for the theatre-plays Pour sa patrie, La revue de centenaire and Le roi.

• The UK/US release title of Ah! Quel malheur d'avoir un gendre has been identified.

• Earlier release dates of Une ruse de mari, Mariages imprévus, Pathé Journal №91 and Max asthmatique (for France) were found.

• Some more pictures (Bonarel, Nooky-May and André Vivian) are added to the Names page, as is a picture of Max and his wife to the Chronicle pages.

• Jacques Vandenne is attributed to the cast of Le vertueux jeune homme, and Eugène Rouzier-Dorcières to Entente cordiale.

• It seems that prints of Les effets des pilules, Un jeune homme timide, Un fiancé trop occupé, Un mari peu veinard, On demande un gendre à l'essai and Max et sa belle-mère (1911), are extant. <>

• The availability of Au music hall on DVD has been made known to me.

• Finally, an article in German is added, indicating that Max initially had planned to start off his tour-"career" in London in July 1912.


10 January 2017

• some pictures (Darcourt, A. Marius, Blanche, Perroni, Germaine Demontèz and Lukas) added to the Names page,

• an additional source, that Linder did appear in Ma montre retarde, was found,

• an earlier release date of Be my wife has been found, and

• some reviews in English for Julot va dans le monde, La puce gênante, Ruse de mari and La ceinture magnétique were added.

• The date of his accident at the Alhambra in 1913 was changed to Sep. 2, a day earlier than previously thought.

• A Video -link was added to the pages of Le pendu and L'ingénieux attentat.









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