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Since the last update the following changes and additions have been made:


15 November 2018

• The title Dix femmes pour un mari (1905) was moved to the list of films, falsely claiming Linder's participation. The only male actor in this film is not Max Linder.

• UK-title for Max, médecin malgré lui (1917) has been found.

• The ad. of a "convoi funèbre", containing the names of people attending the "funeral procession" on Nov. 5, 1925 in Saint-Loubès, has come to light. Surprisingly, it seems to indicate, that both Max Linder's daughter (Mlle Marcelle Leuvielle-Linder) and his mother-in-law (Mme Peters [de Paris]) were invited as well.


4 September 2018

• An article by Max Linder, published in Comœdia (6/Mar/25), in which he looks back on his career, remembering the (in-)famous dialogue with director Louis Gasnier ("Do you want to make a film?" - "What is that?"), is added. Also added are the articles, Le Meeting de Monaco, En Marge du Théâtre, Une victime du travail, as well as the German Max Linder in Wien.

• A few more details have emerged about his first, and only, LEADING role in the theatre play Le roi, which was staged at the Théâtre-Français (Bordeaux) from Jan. 23rd to Mar. 2nd, 1909.

• Again, more earlier French release dates have been found for several 1905/10-titles, such as Première sortie, Rencontre imprévue, Ah! Quel malheur d'avoir un gendre, etc.

• Another one of his co-stars, André Dubosc, has been identified.

• A review of Le petit café, by Louis Delluc, was also added.


14 June 2018

• For more than a decade, I've been trying to figure out, what the original title of 'Les contrebandiers' might be, a title which can not be found in the 'Catalogue Pathé', but which is part of virtually every Max Linder filmography, at least since 1921. A "wild guess", regarding its original title, which I've put forward previously, Comment on fraude à la frontière (1908), has now been replaced by an "educated guess", Douaniers mystifiés (1907). A lobby card from that film, MIGHT show Max Linder?

• Production stills of some 1908-films, like L'obsession de l'équilibre, L'obsession de la belle-mère, Deux grandes douleurs, Un tic nerveux contagieux, and the "lost" 1912-film La vengeance du domestique, added to their respective 'Title sheets'.


17 March 2018

• The title Un bébé encombrant (1908) is now included in the regular filmography. Max Linder was positively identified in a picture from that film.

• The title Les étrennes du facteur (1905) is added to the list of films, in which Max Linder may have appeared in. One actor in a picture, illustrating the title in the Pathé catalog supplement of Oct. 1905, seems to bear a resemblance with Max.

• The title Mr. et Mme font du Tandem (1907) was moved to the list of films, falsely claiming Linder's participation. The dark-haired actor with a moustache, who appears in a lobby card, doesn't look like Max Linder.

• The credits for Jules Védrines were corrected. Since my suggestion, that he may have appeared in Le hasard et l'amour (1915), has been dismissed by experts, it is now in doubt, that he ever collaborated with Max in any of his films.


17 February 2018

• The Pathé Journal №45 (1925), containing the announcement of his death, was added.

• UK-titles for L'entente cordiale (1912), Max devrait porter des bretelles (1917), and the German title for Un bébé encombrant (1908) were found.

• Two production stills from Les plaisirs du soldat (1907), held by the 'Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé', were added.

• The "Films"-page is now available in German and English too. They are accessible only via the "original" Films-page.

• The initial assessment, that his entire "oeuvre" consists of roughly 220 films, had to be corrected. Up till now, there are about 210 titles identified (plus 10 inconclusive). Given that only 8 are from the 1905/06 period, the total number of films, he worked in, seems more likely to be around 250.


25 January 2018

• After finding a 16mm print of Pédicure par amour (1908) back in 2016, Argentinean film collector Emiliano Penelas managed to "dig up" an 8mm print of Les plaisirs du soldat (1907), another formerly lost film.

• Despite the claim by 'Deutsche Kinemathek' and after finally having been able to watch the film, it can now safely be said that Max does NOT appear in Lily Bohême.

• Earlier French release dates have been found for some 1909/10-titles such as Avant et après, Amour et fromage or Une épreuve difficile, titles for which no "definitive" Paris release dates have surfaced yet.

• A picture, commemorating his visit to Berlin in 1914, was added.


3 November 2017

• Another title Un bébé encombrant has been added to the list of films, in which Linder probably has taken part in. A picture from the film seems to depict him in the role of the father of the 'lost baby'.

• The speculation, that Fritt et Plock détectives might have Max Linder in it, turned out to be unfounded, when a picture from that film re-emerged.

• The "Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé" got hold of documents about cameraman Henri Stucker, which contain a number of film titles, that he worked on with Max Linder.

• A 'Title-sheet' Le premier mois d'un soldat, which seems to be an alternative title of Les plaisirs du soldat, has been added. This assumption however, has yet to be confirmed.

Articles, reporting on his first prolonged sickness in 1908, which also seems to have helped end his, already meagre, career on the stage, are added.

• Another short article, dealing with how Max coped when "Pathé [was] in the flood" in early 1910, was also added.

• The "special" poster "M'as-tu vue à l'Olympia?", which previously was believed to belong to his second appearance at that theatre, apparently was already printed in connection with his first stint there on Apr. 2, 1910, instead. BTW, the drawing by poster artist Maurice Mahut, published by Comœdia on Jun. 14, 1910, could very well be an excerpt of that very poster?


25 August 2017

• Another indication, that Max dans les airs was indeed a re-release film, has turned up.

• An article Max Linders Werdegang [=Max Linder's career], published in a Viennese newspaper on occasion of the filming of "Max, der Zirkuskönig", has come to light. Again, Max recounts his beginnings in a mostly "fictional" way.

• Since newspaper ads. play an important part in many of his films, a real-life ad., in which Linder is looking for a new apartment, was added to the Chronicle pages.

• Some earlier release dates of 1909/11-films, such as Amoureux de la femme à barbe, La vengeance du bottier and La flûte merveilleuse, were found.

• A 1903 military record has been uncovered, which contains his "nom de guerre" Max Linder for the first time.

• Memoirs of Suzanne Pathé emerged, which suggest that, before working for Pathé Frères, Max made his first film(s) for the company of her father, Théophile Pathé.


10 June 2017

• UK release titles added to Les tribulations d'un neveu and Fritt et Plock détectives, and UK/US release titles to Chaussure trop étroite and Première sortie.

• Release dates added to Première sortie and Rencontre imprévue.

• Yet another title, La famille Panouillard à Luna park added to the list of films, in which Linder may have taken part in.

• 'Title-sheets' for the still unidentified "Modern Cinderella Comedy", of which a print is held by the 'bfi' and "Max Linder Der galante Radfahrer", at 'Deutsche Kinemathek', have been added.

• Additions/changes made to the biographical details of Gréhan and Fabris.

• Full text of a 1921 article, and a picture of Max "toréador" to the "tour Articles" page, have been added.


20 April 2017

• Earlier release dates of Les débuts d'un yachtman and Mariages imprévus and

• further confirmations that Linder did appear in Création de la serpentine (1908) and Madame a ses vapeurs (1907) were found.

• The UK/US release title of Madame a ses vapeurs has been identified.

• Another title Aventure orageuse has been added to the list of films, in which Linder may have taken part in.

• Full text of some 1917-articles, as well as two further translations of his 1914 interview with "The World" Magazine in Swedish (unintentionally illustrated by "BIO" with a picture of Max-"Imitator" André Séchan) and Finnish were added.


26 February 2017

• Thanks to two articles in French ("Lausanne artistique") from 1918,

• the formerly unknown sketch Le baromètre de la fidélité (1918) and

• a more detailed description of "The bill" (L'addition) are added.

• Also added are reviews in English for Lèvres collées and L'empoissoneuse and

• reviews in German for the theatre-plays Pour sa patrie, La revue de centenaire and Le roi.

• The UK/US release title of Ah! Quel malheur d'avoir un gendre has been identified.

• Earlier release dates of Une ruse de mari, Mariages imprévus, Pathé Journal №91 and Max asthmatique (for France) were found.

• Some more pictures (Bonarel, Nooky-May and André Vivian) are added to the Names page, as is a picture of Max and his wife to the Chronicle pages.

• Jacques Vandenne is attributed to the cast of Le vertueux jeune homme, and Eugène Rouzier-Dorcières to Entente cordiale.

• It seems that prints of Les effets des pilules, Un jeune homme timide, Un fiancé trop occupé, Un mari peu veinard, On demande un gendre à l'essai and Max et sa belle-mère (1911), are extant. <>

• The availability of Au music hall on DVD has been made known to me.

• Finally, an article in German is added, indicating that Max initially had planned to start off his tour-"career" in London in July 1912.


10 January 2017

• some pictures (Darcourt, A. Marius, Blanche, Perroni, Germaine Demontèz and Lukas) added to the Names page,

• an additional source, that Linder did appear in Ma montre retarde, was found,

• an earlier release date of Be my wife has been found, and

• some reviews in English for Julot va dans le monde, La puce gênante, Ruse de mari and La ceinture magnétique were added.

• The date of his accident at the Alhambra in 1913 was changed to Sep. 2, a day earlier than previously thought.

• A Video -link was added to the pages of Le pendu and L'ingénieux attentat.









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